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Schedule a DPF replacement and ECU Remapping in Cyprus !

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Fast DPF removal and ECU Remap in Cyprus

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  • DPF Removal & ECU Remapping Services in Limassol

    DPF removal in Cyprus

    Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF Delete) and ECU Remapping Service

    • Do you have problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter?
    • Did you find that cost of replacing DPF is very expensive ?
    • Do you want to find cheaper and easier solution ?

    We will help you solve the problem and remove DPF together with ECU remapping. We will do all service under one roof ! We removed DPF from more than 500 cars for the last 8 years !

    Do you know that replacing Diesel Particulate Filter is very expensive ?

    Replacement Example:
    A VW Golf Diesel Particulate Filter is 1690 EUR!

    What should I do if I got DPF warning light (Diesel Particulate Filter) ?

    Contact us as soon as possible. We have solution for you.
    ECU remap in limassol

    What happens if I ignore the light?

    DON'T! If you will ignore the light you risk two things:

    1. The filter will be blocked completely.
    2. DPF will get very hot and it can catch fire !

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    DPF (particulate filter) removal
    Car tuning
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    Gearbox tuning
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    BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES engine and gearbox repair